The benefits of physical training

  1. Promote Fat loss
  2. Promote Weight loss
  3. Promote Muscle gain
  4. Increase bone density
  5. Strengthen your tendons and ligaments
  6. Increase lung capacity
  7. Strengthen your heart
  8. Increase your metabolic rate
  9. Increase your energy levels
  10. Increase your lung capacity
  11. Improve balance
  12. Improve coordination
  13. Improve mobility and flexibility
  14. Decrease in your blood pressure
  15. Decrease in your resting heart
  16. Decrease stress levels
  17. Increase confidence
  18. Increase self esteem
  19. Increase your outlook at life in general
  20. Lower cholesterol
  21. Improved sleep
  22. Reduce the risk of heart diseases
  23. Helps your body manage blood sugar levels and insulin levels better
  24. Helps prevent cancer
  25. Increase your life expectancy
  26. Increase your dopamine and serotonin levels which boots your mood and well being
  27. Social interaction and well being
  28. Meeting of new people
  29. Forming of friendships
  30. Total enjoyment