With summer just around the corner and the shorts and T-Shirts at the ready, the big question is – ARE YOU SUMMER READY?

Here at Battleground Fitness UK we offer over 80 classes per month each one specially designed and delivered by our top trainers to ensure you get results.

All our classes have been designed to

  1. Burn fat
  2. Shape and tone your body
  3. Increase endurance and build strength
  4. Increase your confidence and self believe
  5. Be fun and interactive.
  6. Plus we never repeat the same session twice

Results and success in the gym needs weekly consistency, patience and accountability and you must be willing to introduce these into your lifestyle in order to get success. Anything less will not be good enough!

Here at Battleground all our staff are highly dedicated fitness loving people that are ready to help you regardless of your goals.

Come speak to us, we are friendly just like my dog!




Battleground Fitness UK