Assault Bikes and Skiergs

Here at Battleground Fitness UK we never stand still and once again we upgraded our facility to provide our members with the best equipment available.

  • Assault Bikes
  • Concept 2 Skierg

Both the Assault bikes and Skierg are complex, dynamic, multiple joint training tools that push your cardiovascular and muscular systems to their limit. Incorporating both these pieces into your weekly routines will vastly increase your lunge capacity, muscular endurance as well as give you the confidence to take your training to the next level.

We don’t exercise at Battleground Fitness UK, we train at Battleground Fitness UK. Training has purpose, direction and keep you focus on the end goal. Each person’s purpose and end goals for training will be different and that is what we encourage. Find your own inner drive and reasons to be motivated.

Training is not defined by

  • Time spend in the gym
  • Number of sets or repetitions performed
  • Amount of weight being picked up
  • Distance covered on the treadmill
  • Amount of sweat poured out on the floor
  • Complexity of exercises and routines

Training is defined by Volume and Intensity that is specific to you and your end goal whatever it may be!

  1. Volume – the total amount of work that you can complete within a training session.
  2. Intensity – at what level can you train. How hard can you push yourself.

Come down today and let us educate, guide and help you achieve the most from your training sessions.