Battle Ropes

Although battle ropes are a relatively new concept in most training facilities, the usage of ropes as part of training and conditioning is not.

This old school training tool is making a massive comeback thanks to social media and its ability to educate us on how top athletes do train and condition themselves.

I first discovered Battle Ropes over 10 years ago and the intensity these ropes add onto your workout is like no other. I use Battle Ropes as part of my own weekly training programs, and without fail every single one of my clients have some rope exercise/s as part of their weekly training programs.

I believe so much in the usage of Battle Ropes that they form part of our weekly class timetable. Currently we run Battle Ropes three times a weeks.

Ropes are:

  • Dynamic
  • Versatile
  • Easy to set up and use
  • Portable
  • Light weight and easy to store
  • Fun

However the benefits of integrating them into your daily/ weekly workout is truly staggering.

The best way to describe Battle Ropes:

Battle ropes can be used in the standing, sitting, kneeling, and supine or pronated position. You can do squatting, lunging, jumping, hopping exercises while facing toward, backwards or even sideways in a single, bilateral or tri-plane motion, with exercises that is simple or complex in nature while recruiting only one muscle or total integration of all major joints recruiting maximum muscle fibres.

Intensity during any single exercise or movement can be increased and decreased at any given time depending on the demand required and individual using the ropes.

Battle ropes are great for improving range of motion, joint mobility and de loading the body, if that is required as part of your training program.

However on the flip side, Battle Rope exercises are the most demanding, intense, heart beating, lung burning, muscle aching training sessions you will ever do. The level of fitness that you will gain from doing regular training sessions using the ropes are directly transferable onto any sport, activity or event.

Battle ropes are great for:

  1. Fat loss
  2. Weight loss
  3. Cardiovascular gains
  4. Muscular endurance
  5. Muscular strength
  6. Toning up these problem areas
  7. Joint mobility and range of movement
  8. Threshold training – Increasing the intensity at which you can train at.

Battleground Fitness UK is the only training facility in Swindon that currently have 17 Battle Ropes and weekly Battle Rope classes.

If you truly want results, get yourself down to Battleground Fitness UK and get those ropes moving!