Challenge 5

This is a Metcon challenge. It is a brutal 45 minutes that will push you to breaking point. During this Metabolic Conditioning Workout you may feel sick or even be sick, just don’t give up!

Before the challenge can be attempted you must notify a Battleground member of staff. During your attempt you must put 100% into each exercise and work till the very last second.You are allowed to stop as many times as you deem fit.

Challenge 5 consists of the following

Assault Bike 8/10 calories, Air Squats 15 reps, Wide Grip Pull Ups 4/8 reps, Dips 4/8 reps, Press Ups 10/20 reps

The higher calories and repetition ranges are for Males and the lower numbers are for Females

Duration: 45 minutes

Average: 1 – 10 rounds, Good: 11 – 15 rounds, Excellent: 16 rounds and more