Challenge 6

The challenge. It is a brutal 6 rounds of pure grit and determination that will push you to breaking point. During this Challenge 6 you may feel sick or even be sick, just don’t give up!

Before the challenge can be attempted you must notify a Battleground member of staff. During your attempt you must put 100% into each exercise and work till the very last rep is completed.You are allowed to rest as long as you deem necessary between each round as long as all 6 rounds are completed.

Challenge 6 consists of the following

Deadlifts M(100kg) F(70kg) – Pendlay Rows M(90kg) F(45kg) – Hang Cleans M(50kg) F(30kg) – Shoulder Press M(50kg) F(30kg)

Each exercise consist of 6 reps

No time limit is applied to Challange 6