Are you getting the best out of your training sessions?

The ugly truth about training is, that 99.9% of all gym goers will never get the results they set their sights on.

Next time you in the gym do yourself a favour and start looking around and you will notice that almost everyone you know in the gym have physically not changed one little bit in the last 12 months in fact they look even worse this year and don’t forget to take a good hard look at yourself and let the truth set you free.

You have spent months in the gym and a small fortune of food and supplementation and let’s be honest, you probably did not get the results you were hoping for?

This is very common and I like to call this the Game Changer!

The Game Changer = When people tell me after months working their butts off and not getting any results that they don’t really care about results or how they look, they are all for health and fitness and feeling better about themselves. Well that is bullshit because six months ago when I did your subjective assessment you said and I quote “It is all about results, I want to be in the best shape of my life, I want to reduce my body fat percentage, have a thigh gap or whatever else is may have been”

These limited results are not for lack of trying, motivation or the blood, sweat and tears you have spilled on the gym over the last few years it is down to the lack of education, being miss informed and not knowing what to do when to do it but most importantly you not will to give 100% during your training sessions.

Training is very complex and can even be confusing at times so let’s look at four fundamentals to get the best out of your training.

Let’s look at four ways to get the best out of your training sessions.

  1. Volume
  2. Intensity
  3. Tempo
  4. Ratio

If you do nothing else but introduce these four fundamentals into your weekly training routine and give 100% every time you will start seeing results.

1 – Volume = This is the amount of work that you can do in any one training session but very important it must be program specific.

  • When you train for hypertrophy your volume will be far greater than those training for strength however during your strength cycle you will be lifting far heavier weights with greater rest periods in between.
  • During muscular endurance training, you will be doing a higher volume of training so the total number of sets and reps will be high

2 – Intensity = How hard is the training you are doing and how much stress do you place your body under during each session. The stress you place yourself under will be both physical and phycological stress.

  • Training with intensity is one of the hardest fundamentals to get right and apply. We all are pre-programmed to place restrictions upon ourselves and stop when training gets hard. Breaking this bad habit is not easy but critical for success.
  • We all have heard that saying before – “it’s the last few reps that count when its start hurting and burning” These words are the key of success!

3 – Tempo = The speed at which you do the exercises at, will make a massive difference to your results.

  • When you do your weight training sessions for building, toning and shaping the muscles the tempo (speed) needs to be slow and controlled with pauses, squeezes and holds at certain points. You want to eliminate any momentum and speed and let gravity become your greatest enemy and yet your greatest ally.
  • When applying Tempo think about

4 – Ratio = This is the work to rest ratio you apply during each phase of training.

As a guidance for your work to rest ratio read up on how your energy systems work to give yourself a far better understanding of how long you should work and rest for during different types of training.

Three Energy Systems

1 – Phosphagen System

  • 5 – 15 seconds of extremely hard work
  • 3-5 minutes rest

2 – Glycolysis

  • 30 seconds – 2 minutes of hard work
  • Rest should be twice as long, as your work ratio
  • If you work for 1 minute you should take 2 minutes of rest

3 -Aerobic System

  • Long duration training
  • Training should be below your Lactate Threshold
  • If rest is applied keep is short before you continue with your training.


If these four fundamentals are applied in the correct manner and you set your sights high, train harder and follow a long term nutritional eating plan you will get results!