HIIT (high intensity interval training) has been taking over gym lovers training routines for the past few years. This short sharp intense form of training is great for fat and calorie burning.

HIIT requires a 100% workload for a short period followed by either active recover or complete rest. Active recovery is an exercise or movement pattern that can be performed after the HIIT exercise to bring down your heart rate before the HIIT exercise/s are performed once again.

Battleground Fitness UK offer 10 HIIT classes per week as part of our membership.

HIIT is all about Volume and Intensity and by applying these two training principles you do not need to spend a long Duration in the gym.

  • Volume = Number of sets, reps and exercises
  • Intensity = Workload, how hard do you train
  • Duration = Time spend training

HIIT has many benefits and these range from

  1. Easy to set up
  2. Require little space
  3. No need to perform complex exercise routines
  4. Short duration
  5. All abilities friendly
  6. Exercise simplicity. Easy exercises to do and remember.
  7. Group friendly

HIIT is also great for

  1. Fat loss
  2. Fat burning
  3. High calorie burning
  4. Anaerobic threshold improvements
  5. Muscular strength and Endurance
  6. Mobility and range of movement
  7. Coordination and Balance

During intense periods of training your body will require more oxygen however during HIIT (high intensity interval training) your oxygen levels will be even more depleted and this will lead to a far greater calorie and fat burning and this will allow EPOC to kick in.

EPOC or Excess Post-Exercise Oxygen Consumption is also called the afterburn. After a period of strenuous exercise like HIIT your body will require more oxygen that what your lunges can take in and this will lead to an increase in your metabolic rate over a longer period.

With an increase in your Metabolic rate you will burn more calories even after your exercise routine has finished.

So by doing HIIT you melt FAT AWAY!